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I've worn many hats and experienced many things, up to this point in my life, all of which helped me reach my passion and calling as a health and life coach.

Some of the experiences that brought me here...

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A Little About Me


The Magic & Power of Books

I could not have made it to where I am today without BOOKS. Whether they have been fiction or non-fiction, books gave - and continue to give - the tools needed to get through every stage of life. 

Because there is so much to gain from them, there are so many books that are known but little, and not everyone has access to buying books, I host a podcast all about books and just life in general.


How many hobbies do I have? Oh probably too many! But I would say it all boils down to truly appreciating and enjoying almost anything I find the human mind - MY mind - decides to try. I love seeing how capable we are.